Wednesday, January 28, 2009


happy chinese new year everyone! in a way i'm glad it's kind of over because i ate wayyyyy too many cookies and bak kwa. like seriously, i've never been a fan of bak kwa but somehow i was craving it pretty badly this year.

maybe it was the deprivation of all the cny goodies when i was in holland last year. skip a year a feasting and pay back double the year after. yikes!

the one thing i enjoyed the most were the homecooked feasts that happens every year, from my mum, and both the paternal and maternal grandmother sides. it's just that particular kind of taste that no one else is able to replicate. every year i make a mental note to learn from my grandma.. but as you can see, i'm still making that mental note this year... :p

c1 & c2

dunch know why... we dunch look like sisters

i know! ask them.. they made us!

dunch know dunch care.. as long as we're ohana

papa's mama... almost a centurian!

ah ma's kitchen - no.1 on this blog's food list

mummy's bro and funky mama!
in the words of little ethan chia, happy niu year everyone!
damn, now it's back to school.

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