Saturday, January 24, 2009

announcing the arrival of.

the early bird (me) catches the worm (hmm...)

moving on to some good news (or maybe not so good news depending on how you look at it), my sister-the-menace (KIDDINGGGG) is finally back from her 3 month long internship in the maldives!

SIA flying a menace back from male

ok la i must admit i'm quite happy to see her and i did miss her quite a lot when she was gone. ok la i'm not saying that because she may just happen to read this blog.

mr & mrs excited + mr very-excited-but-shall-look-like-i'm-not

i'm so envious that she managed to get certified as a diver in the wonderful waters of the maldivian island (imagine the corals and turtles and sharks!) and all at a really cheap rate!

doesn't want to leave the arrival hall

she also brought back a whole container load of very pretty seashells, which made those that i used to find at the east coast park look like a scam.

presenting the newest addition to the chew farmalee


Mike said...

so the chew family is reunited & there's even a new addition! :)

chian said...

you're absolutely right!

Mike said...

Yes! I am absolutely right!