Friday, January 9, 2009

damn bo liao post no. 112

i can't remember when was the last time my dad and i had a meal alone outside or home. must be a long long time ago, or maybe never. just so happened that we reached sengkang at the same time today so we decided to have dinner at compass point. a few quirky and funny stuff i noticed:

1) when deciding on where to makan, he immediately suggested kfc of all places.
it must be a childhood thing that lasts until now, that having kfc which was once a luxury is still a great pleasure in his life haha..

2) he's a big fan of the drumstick.
another childhood thing where he'll only get to eat the juiciest part of the chicken on special occasions like chinese new year, also why he thinks chicken breast is yuckish

3) he stirs and mixes the mash potato and gravy together until it becomes a swirly pile of goo.
in his words "like that then got flavour"

4) he finishes his food in a consecutive manner.
chicken first, washes hand, then mash potato and coleslaw, then his drink ("pehsi")

i think no. 3 is the most amusing haha.. but it was quite nice to see him enjoying the greasy disgusting fast food with so much satisfaction. =)

i lub my papa and so does mrs beckham!

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Very funny post.

(although the picture with Mrs. Beckham looks...kinda disturbing)