Sunday, January 30, 2011

blame it on the weather man.

inspired by the non-stop rain and freezing weather, i posted a message on facebook:

"dear God, when I wished for winter in Singapore, i wasn't expecting so much rain."

well, there ain't no rainbows without rain buddy

then in a span of 15 mins my brain kept churning out cheesy sentences like:

"heaven ran out of cats and dogs, so it decided to rain giraffes and elephants instead."

"too many people must have sang the song "rain, rain, go away" the past year and God decided to clear the backlog of rain debt before this FY(financial year) ends."

oh man... sometimes i'm so lame i can't stand myself... i have to sit down instead.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

hooked on 6:04 minutes of awesomeness.


(yup.. in caps+bold+underline for emphasis)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

goodbye and hello

good morning world and blessed new year to everyone!

it feels surreal to be back in january again and all i could think about at the stroke of midnight was "oh my god, is it really january 2011 already?!?" nevertheless, i'm psyched up for the year ahead, because i know that it's going to be my best year yet. amen! =)

2010 has been an incredible year with unbelievable blessings and experiences. i've been having this strong urge to pen them down just so that i can look back 10 years down the road and smile at what life was like a decade ago.

so, before i kickstart the new (and awesome) year, i'll take some time to be thankful for the experiences which i have been blessed with the past year:

- visited korea for the first time on a whirlwind work trip and didn't see much
- had a Before Sunrise episode which was drama until the end but absolutely no regrets
- visited the land of the rising sun for the first time
- joined the F1 team, had a fantastic F1 experience and took away with great friendships
- finally picked up spanish
- got my first performance bonus (wee!)
- marked my first year of work and still feeling thankful everyday for being able to enjoy what i do
- got posted to the department of my dreams
- went back to holland, revisited old friends and made plenty of new ones
- travelled alone for the first time to scotland
- got blown away by the beauty of the highlands, scotland
- ran another half marathon and spent half the journey swearing i'll never do it again
- finally stepped into zouk after a couple of failed attempts, and on mambo night too!
- finally repainted my room and got rid of my gaudy blue

sometimes we get so absorbed in our challenges and all we think about is the bugging problem that we forget the many other blessings to be thankful for. i'll be the first to say that it hasn't been all clear skies and rainbows the past year, but on hindsight, i'm grateful for each moment and wouldn't change it a single bit.

now, i wonder what richer blessings 2011 will bring. =)