Sunday, January 4, 2009

believing and speaking.

the first day of school tomorrow for the last time. though i've gone through the same routine so many times, this time feels a little different and a bit more special. after all, it's the last stretch of school before i say hi to the working world. *mild butterflies in the tummy* i feel like a primary one kid all over again! but first let me savour what's remaining of any school holidays i'll ever have.

blessed new year everyone! it's going to be an awesome year ahead full of the Lord's love, joy, rest, protection and favour. =)

happy 10th year anniversary daughters of a better age!


Anonymous said...

hope the mild butterflies didn't flap flap flap too much in the tummy!!

chian said...

no they didn't.. they disappeared pretty fast, replaced by "seebay sianness" the moment class started.