Tuesday, February 3, 2009

now until forever.

you know, i was never much of a person who'd run away. rather, i tend to have this impatient need to get a problem solved or find an answer and my approach was always to sit down and talk things out. however, i'm currently at this stage where issues just seem so huge and confusing that i've found myself doing the one thing that i hate most - running away. it's like not knowing whether to turn right or left, i decided to just stand still at the fork of the road, hoping that one day it'd all become clear which is the way to go. it's scary, what i'm doing.

how now brown cow, i also don't know.

i know who to follow though, and then i'll know what to do. oosh!


Anonymous said...

i think you should join the choir.

chian said...

then i'll have to be a nun.