Thursday, December 31, 2009

7 perfect days between christmas and the new year.

2009 has been a wonderful year, and the past few months just kept getting better. not that i'm complaining, but there's been so much excitement in my life that i wish i could have a little more rest time. dozing off on a great movie like avatar probably was a good enough indication that i need more snooze time.

in the end, i decided to forego the merry making this new year's eve to spend a quiet one at home with my dad. i'm sleepy as hell, but it just seems wrong to go to bed so early on the last day of the year!

photo by yao hong

in 2007, i made some chocolate peanut butter cups for christmas. that was when i just got kanon as a 21st birthday gift and was so enthusiastic about the birth of this food blog. this year, it's almond chocolate pocky sticks, adapted from pioneer woman's recipe. it's easy, fun, absolutely brainless but looks nice nonetheless!

photo by yao hong

i also had an awesome potluck dinner on boxing day, but i shall leave that to another day, maybe next year... heh! merry christmas and happy new year everyone, it's going to be an awesome 2010 filled with His love, peace and joy. =)

photo by yao hong

Friday, December 18, 2009

selling salt (not by the sea shore).

one of the most interesting and innovative marketing initiative in a very long time!
product in question - plain 'ol salt!

click here to explore.

Monday, December 7, 2009


see time's list of top 10 tv chefs for an interesting read!

amongst whom my favourites are jamie and rachel. =)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

my foodie christmas wish list. =)

by ree drummond
my all time favourite blogger finally wrote a cookbook which i've been lusting for some time now. i can finally smell the book making its way into my arms, thank you lulu for the birthday prezzie! =) [checked!]

2. the man who ate everything
by jeffrey steingarten
i've heard about this award winning book but had held off buying it for the longest time because it costs over forty bucks in singapore. recently bought it in kl for half the price! extremely excited to begin on it! [checked!]

3. cuisinart 2-lb bread maker
figured since i love bread so much i should learn to bake my own, minus the fuss! this one by cuisinart looks so metallic and macho it's sexy! i'll get it... someday.

4. the sweet life in paris
by david lebovitz
part cookbook, part memoir and part guidebook, it speaks about lebovitz's experience in paris when he decided to move to the city of love following his partner's death. paris, france, not just any food but french food, what's there not to want?

5. jamie magazine
by jamie oliver
picked up a copy of the magazine at oriole cafe and i was hooked. jamie oliver was the very guy who got me interested in cooking, going way back during my secondary school days when i'd get to watch his shows on channel 5. gave myself a birthday treat and bought a year's subscription, though it kind of burnt a hole in my wallet! [checked!]

6. dvd of julie & julia
freshly added to chian's-must-watch-movies list is julie & julia, with meryl streep as famed real-life chef julia child, and amy adams as julie powell, who took on the challenge to finish every recipe (524 to be exact) in julia child's first book within a year. a combination of the parisian setting, food theme and love stories amongst the characters makes this movie an absolute winner. as you can see, i've already watched it, but such great movies ought to be bought and kept!

7. mastering the art of french cooking
by julia child
only because the movie impressed me so much that i need to own a copy of julia child's cookbook too. heh!

8. shake aun koh's hands
although chubby hubby's blog may be a little too commercialised at times, he's still one of my all-time favourite food bloggers (and a singaporean one at that) because of his excellent photography skills, writing and love for food. from cooking in his stylish kitchen, conceptualising restaurants, reviewing hotels to interviewing chefs from all over the world, he's doing everything i love, for a living. it'd be nice to be able to meet him in person. =)

9. have breakfast at bills, sydney
i'll always remember watching bill's tv program and admiring his amazing white-themed kitchen right beside the sparkling blue aussie beaches. known for serving one of the best scrambled eggs around, i definitely have to visit his cafe if i ever travel down under.

10. attend a course at le cordon bleu
take time off work and pay tens of thousands of dollars to be a professional culinary student, that shall be my long term aspiration waiting to be fulfilled in future!

so there you go, my foodie christmas list in its full glory. of course, there're still many other wish lists according to categories... like shoes, bags, cars, boys.. kidding! what's your christmas wish list like? =)