Monday, April 21, 2008


a 4.5 hours train ride from barcelona brought us to valencia, a coastal area in spain. along the way, there were times when the train was just travelling right beside the ocean, and the view was breathtaking. too bad alvin and jingyi were sound asleep, until the kindness in me decided to wake them up to enjoy the sight. =)

valencia museum - hotspot and only spot for wedding photos

valencia is totally different from barcelona. it's much more spacious, quieter and less populated too. i kind of like the serenity of the place. the main attractions in valencia was the bull ring (which was closed when i was there), some church with the supposed holy grail approved by the vatican (which was totally like cordoned off 5m away and almost too small to be seen), a state-of-the-art science museum and the valencia beach. of course i liked the beach best. it was a beautiful beach, not too crowded as the weather was still a little chilly. apparently in summer it's a different story, oh and it's a nudist beach. ;)

valencia beach

we were put up by our gracious host ili, who's on exchange in valencia. so thanks babe, here's a photo for you. =)

click here for more photos of valencia!


Mike said...

Amazing amazing amazing.. i want to go Valencia!

chian said...

just for the beach?!? i think we can go boracay.. nearer and and can visit your aunty hehe..

Mike said...

Oh yeahh..boracay sounds interesting.

Oh hey, i just had dinner with Wilson and Annette (area sales manager who stays in Germany), and they say we should go Hamburg!

Lovely sights, romantic scenary. Woo!