Saturday, April 19, 2008

hola hola barcelona!

spent the mid term break in spain, with lots of great food and company! barcelona was my first stop in spain, followed by valencia. something weird happened, i didn't feel like taking photos! my kanon ended up snuggling in my crumpler bag half the time i was in spain. furthermore, since mr alvin bought himself a 400d too, i ended up being too lazy to take photos and enjoyed being photographed instead, hence explaining the sudden influx of the chiany in so many shots!


other than the amazing architecture by Antoni Gaudi, i'd say just skip all the tourist attractions and head straight down to the city centre for a major chill out session. that's what barcelona represents - great food, great shopping and great streetlife.

after a hard day's work

just imagine walking along the main street, la rambla, with a different basker every 10 steps you take, 3 zara stores within a 100m range, or just sitting out in the cool spring weather with some tapas and sangria in your hand. perfecto.

smiling for 2 pictures

the weather was wonderful, a good break from the cold of the netherlands. it was around 15 - 20 deg. celcius, warm enough to tuck away the jackets, yet cool enough to not perspire. barcelona was more developed than i'd expected. it's quite cool because it looked as if they took the positive characteristics of various countries and pieced them together to develop the city. for example, some of the houses look vaguely like the hdb flats of singapore in the 80s and the metro system looks like a replica of the london underground. a panoramic view of barcelona also showed the city built in the form of huge grid boxes, exactly like a chess board.

barcelona metro

i also had wonderful company, with lovely host jingyi and the ungrateful-alvin-who-complains-about-the-host's house, and enjoyed myself thoroughly. we walked a damn lot, and boy these two people can sure walk. we'd start walking at 11am, and we'll keep walking and walking until we reached home, which was around 7pm. i swear i'd lost about 5kg walking, if not for the tons of food we also stuffed into our stomachs, that is.


oh and it was really nice meeting up with the guys exchanging in switzerland too. familiar faces in a foreign land always warms one's heart. =)

laughing luyi

more next time, adios!

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