Tuesday, April 8, 2008


i just finished 2 exam papers today. one for gender in economics, the other for systems analysis and design.

they provided us with the past term's exam paper just in case we wanted to practice for today's exam. being the ever diligent singaporean, of course we would try the papers. so for my gender course i discussed the paper with lionel.. and guess what? today's paper, out of 3 questions, 2 were exactly the same as the sample paper's. yup, you heard me right, every single word, comma and full stop was exactly the same. i'd be screaming for joy except that i only brainstormed those questions, though i really hope it helped.

then comes the systems paper. i practiced the sample paper they gave and it was pretty easy. today's paper turned out to be much more difficult than i expected and i really squeezed my brain juices doing it. then when i got home and started packing my notes, i took a look at another sample paper which was sitting in a file of notes passed to me by neil's friend (she'd taken the course a few terms back), i almost fainted and cried. the WHOLE sample exam paper she had was the EXACT EXAM PAPER WHICH I DID TODAY. i'd wanted to try it before the exam but i didn't have time and forgot about it.

i'm totally speechless, except:


what's with this school?!?!

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