Saturday, April 26, 2008

roses have no place in holland.

one of the biggest reasons why i chose the netherlands for exchange is because... i want to see the tulips in bloom. heh! coming on exchange during the spring term means i get to see the famous tulips of holland in their fully glory! indeed, trees have started turning green and everywhere we turn, flowers are blooming and bursting with a myraid of colours along the streets.

we had a capture-one-of-the-ten-million-bees contest

it's a very happifying sight to see random tulips and other flowers proudly showing off their stuff as we go about our daily routines. so imagine putting millions (around 7 million in fact) of flowers together, arranging them in shapes and patterns, all in a huge garden, and you'll get keukenhof.

clogs & flowers = holland

keukenhof is also known as the garden of europe and according to wiki, is the world's largest flower garden. it's only opened for a very short period of time every year, from the last week of march to mid may. it was a beautiful sight, and the whole garden smelled really sweet because of all the scent given off by the flowers.

taking time to smell the roses, i mean tulips

the garden was so large we didn't even have time to explore the whole place, and along the way to the garden itself we passed by tulip fields stretching far beyond what our eyes could see. hopefully, i'll be back there again in future, making sure to stop at the fields for some photos, and perhaps finish exploring keukenhof. i swear, those tulips we always see in the florists? the ones here are like 3 times the size. as we walked around, we kept exclaiming, "wrong! this is wrong! how can flowers grow so big?!?" not that we're complaining, because they were oh so gorgeous.

i heart tulips

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