Saturday, February 9, 2008

some things i've learnt.

oh man, i suddenly miss blogging about all the yummy food in singapore. it's like my blog seems to be lacking some punch without dim sum or cai tau kueh. that aside, the best entertainment i can provide would be some stuff i've learnt since i've been here, which may hopefully be of interest to you.


the dutch really love their fries. they have shops around selling nothing but fries. fries with mayonaise, fries with beef sauce, fries with everything you can possibly think of. their fries are large chunky cuts and they're really generous in their servings, be it the potatoes or the sauces. the problem is, the people here still look slim and tall despite their fries eating habit, it's puzzling. i didn't even dare to touch this packet of fries much because i know what it could do to my already slim (haha) waist. forget marie france bodyline girls, come to netherlands and lose weight!


in singapore, nobody gives a damn about reading weather forecasts because the weather's either hot or hotter, save those special rainy days where there's a sudden glimpse of hope that it MIGHT just snow. over here, the weather's a big thing. tv stations will have real time reports about the temperature, wind speed and direction etc, because if it's going to be windy it means prepare your gloves and scarves. it's really no joke to be stuck out in the cold with your teeth chattering and knees buckling. hence, according to mike, the cute little forecast right below my blog page.
i wish i could post some photos here, but my photo taking skills have been really pathetic so i'll pass on that for now. hope everyone back home's having a smashing chinese new year! =)

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Mike said...

I think everyone here is getting fat with all the bak kwa, pineapple tarts, and all the steamboat dinners. So while everyone in spore is putting on weight, u might be losing weight!

Well, as long as u stay off those fries. Hur.