Monday, February 4, 2008

carnaval: the license to be crazy.

from sunday till tuesday, the town of maastricht celebrates Carnaval. it's held exactly 40 days before easter and marks the beginning of lent for the roman catholics. historical facts aside, it's actually just a festival that allows people to dress up in ANY type of costume and act all crazy and happy because no one will recognise them anyway.

carnaval is a really big thing in maastricht, and the people seriously spend lots of time and efforts in creating their costumes, some of which turn out to be really amazing! there's a parade just like the chingay in singapore, and people just hang around with LOTS of beer at hand. i bet there's probably some statistics somewhere that the dutch drink more beer than water.

anyhow, it was quite a fun day today and i finally tried my 50mm lens with kanon! loved it! more photos on facebook!

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