Sunday, February 3, 2008

jetlag is real.

whoa now i understand what is jetlag. i woke up at 5am and couldn't fall asleep at all, and by 8.30 i was already yawning like a roaring lion. my roommate is finally here and she's a korean! today was not bad a group of us girls (2 koreans, 1 swedish, 1 italian, 1 columbian, 1 turkish and 1 of me) checked out the town centre to get costumes for tomorrow's carnaval, a big event in the town of maastricht. also, i'm finally bringing kanon out to walk walk so i hope i can get some nice photos tomorrow.

this evening, i experienced why an exchange can be so enriching, 7 of us internationals sitting together at dinner, countries and issues that you've always heard about or seen on the news suddenly become alive and in your face. from the reality of bombing in cities to the learning of english which we so often take for granted, it really was a humbling time listening to the conversations which flowed.

oh and i finally found singaporeans! it felt so good to see and talk to them. i think i was so deprived i couldn't stop chattering and grinning heh. not just 1, but 5 of them from nus! yayness.

it was a beautiful day today with blue skies, and it was actually snowing in amsterdam, which is really very rare! too bad the snow got its direction wrong. hello... i'm in maastricht not amsterdam!

sorry i haven't found out what building you are.

this will win the pimp-my-mercedes contest

for all nike fans out there.


Mike said...

wah, is maastricht a small 'university town'? But they have a NikeMaastricht?! wah...

NUS is going to be a university town too..but i doubt they'll have a NikeSingapore there. ahaha

chian said...

haha they may have!! nikeNUS. hehehe..