Monday, February 18, 2008

flying solo.

i've been getting complaints from my no. 1 fan that i don't post enough information on what's going on in maastricht, and he would very much like to find out more about my daily life. he even provided some tips on what to write, like posting about my room mate etc. he also grumbled (a little) that i don't have enough photos of myself, that being a problem since i am usually behind the camera. in response to his grievances, i promise to be more informative about my life over here (not that it's been very exciting the past few days, unless you consider reading a pile of notes exciting) and post a few more pretty shots of myself.

i'll be leaving for norway tomorrow and returning only on sunday. it's a long and costly trip up north but i've always wanted to witness the northern lights, so now is the best time to go since i'm already in europe. i'll be bringing my luggage to class, head straight to the train station after to amsterdam and then catch a flight to oslo - all by myself. it's a first time. i'm excited, scared, anxious, anticipating etc etc etc. i'll be looking forward to seeing familiar faces at the oslo airport. =)

just as a trivial information, the northern lights are also known as Aurora Borealis, a natural phenomenon usually observed in the night. wikipedia has further explanations and photographs about them. i hope i get to see some nice ones when i'm over!

until then, seeya!

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Mike said...

Wow! What an adventure, i wish i could see the northern lights.