Saturday, February 2, 2008

hoi! as they say it.

hello everyone! after a 13 hour flight, 3 hour train ride, i finally arrived in maastricht. very busy trying to settle down, so i'll leave the talking to another time. reached on fri with no phone line, internet and barely a friend, i was totally miserable. well the days will only get more blessed so i'm not worried! it's only 10pm here (5am s'pore time) but i'm already very sleepy, so some badly shot photos for now. i miss home but i'm looking forward to more adventures!

amsterdam airport train station

my train ticket from amsterdam to maastricht, 28.50 euros

fast and efficient electric trains

finally at maastricht! the guy i took train with.

maastricht the university town

first steps into my room

the kitchen in my room

my half of the room

walking around on day 2

the streets here all look like this. nice!

the freezing cold gloomy weather

all the trees are botak!

the bike i bought from the girl last sem but haven't looked for it in the garage yet.


Mike said...

Ah! Chian Lin! Congrats you brave girl, you did a long flight! Hope i'll be able to tahan when i go over soon. It's been awhile since i took a flight that long!

And judging from the photos, it looks so cool. You got a nice cosy room. You have your own kitchen and cable in your room! That's alot better than mine! It really looks cosy!

And the photos are nice! I've seen alot of photos of Europe but you get to be there in those 'old' streets, see botak trees and breath European air. Haha.

I miss you alot, but i'm with you all the way. Look forward to more adventures!

Big hugs and kisses...

chian said...

heh thank you my number one fan! if not for anything it's for you i post these photos! =) but now i'm so tired gonna zzz good night have a blessed service later!