Friday, May 23, 2008

strike here, strike there, strike everywhere.

belgium train strike, france national strike, netherlands bus strike...

... all in a span of the 4 months i've been here. in the name of worker's rights, it's apparently a common occurence in europe. just hearing the S word makes us jump to our feet, praying that it won't happen on the day we need to travel. when you really get hit by the inconvenience of such strikes, sometimes you'll appreciate singapore's strict laws a little more.

it can really be quite a pain in the ass! imagine getting all excited about a holiday, with train or air tickets booked, hotels waiting, only to be told that you have to stay at home and lose some money because of a strike. suayamakalaosai!

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Mike said...

Oh my. But i totally agree on the part about Singapore's laws. There are pros and cons, but ultimately it makes life alot more predictable and settled here in our little island.

And by God's great Grace, we'll have a smooth-sailing adventure in Amsterdam, Cologne (Germany) and Brussels very soon! Woooooo!