Tuesday, May 20, 2008

of cakes...

you know how a "bakery" in singapore probably means like a shop selling loads of bread, with a few selection of cakes at the cashier? When we talk about buying a cake we immediately think of a huge 1kg cake for birthdays etc. in paris, a "bakery" means almost the same thing, except with a lot more emphasis on the sweet stuff (cakes, macarons etc.) as compared to back home.

for almost every bakery we passed by, we would stop to admire the vast selection of dessert-worthy cakes and be amazed at the exquisite creations. of course, some shops' cakes looked much nicer than others.

try to imagine this in breadtalk.. haha.

i'm not sure why we ended up stepping into this one, but we definitely didn't regret it. it looks like any other bakery in paris but somehow i could feel the cakes on display calling out to me, "eattttt meee, eatttt me chiannn" business was brisk, and it's always a good sign to see a queue in a bakery.

so fang and i shared one of the cakes, and we chose the one that looked the shiniest and most chocolatey. it's called malicieux, try to spot in the photo above!

they pack their cakes in paper! proof that it's not a high class place like laduree

it was oh.so.delicious. the chocolate mousse inside was extremely rich and chocolatey but with the right amount of sweetness, and there even was a yellow-custard looking filling in the middle. it was about 3 euros (S$6) for that cake, decently priced in euro terms and is definitely yummier than the cakes you'd find in bakerzin or canele! not to forget, this is a neighbourhood bakery in france we are talking about. so jealous of the french. humph.

the thing about paper is that precious chocolate sticks to it.

rich & creamy chocolate mousse inside

La Boulangerie Julien

this is the address i got from the website:

75 r St Honoré 75001 PARIS

this is the store which i went:

24 (?) r St Martin 75004 PARIS

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