Monday, May 12, 2008


one whole week in paris and we barely covered the main attractions! it was rainy, windy and cold the first two days we arrived - in other words, depressing. my impression of paris got off on the wrong note, and over the next few days i found myself trying to decide what it is exactly that makes paris the city of romance.

the streets of paris are extremely compact

other than the eiffel tower, which is really gorgeous when it twinkles every hour, i think the other attractions are a little overrated. the louvre is HUGE, monstrous to that effect, but maybe because i'm more of a contemporary arts person, my trip to pompidou gallery was more enjoyable. i think paris is romantic only if you're visiting with your lover, and you do nothing but sit by the seine (river) or one of the huge jardins (gardens), whiling the day away with some crepes and wine.

the photo looks nicer than the real thing

perhaps it was due to the public holiday, but there were TONS of people everywhere. it was so crowded i could hardly figure how it could be romantic standing under the eiffel tower with thousands of others and hawkers walking pass every minute trying to sell you a miniature tower, chanting "one euro one euro one euro".

look closely below the tower, it's a blanket of humans!

that said, paris grew on me as the days went by, and i enjoyed myself the most on days when there was nothing much to do except walk around slowly along the river, stopping occasionally for some ice cream or crepe. my favourite part of paris is obviously the food! delectable french cuisine, heavenly macarons, sensational crepes - i'd go back on a makan holiday again! (which also means i should go back with $$$ in my pocket)

met my friend lumpy in disneyland!

people also said that the french really don't like people speaking english to them, but almost everyone i came into contact with were really nice and friendly. i left kanon in the hostel for most of the days because i've been suffering from a chronic left shoulder ache, probably due to the long hours of carrying him and a huge water bottle around in my bag for the past few months. even then, i've got over a thousand photos from paris! atrocious.

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