Tuesday, May 20, 2008

... and ice cream.

on our first trip to find the famous (=recommended by websites and lonely planet) berthillon store, we reached there only to find it under renovation. berthillon is famous for its ice cream, and it seems that it also supplies its ice cream to every other restuarant or creperie along that same street. well, i refused to buy from the other shops because how can i come all the way to paris to find berthillon ice cream and not get it from the very original store itself? tsk. so on the second last day fang and i went back again, hoping it'd be open by then. it was supposed to, as stated on the notice in front of the shop, but i've heard so much about the french way of life that one can never be too sure. =)

signs of life = good news

there was a queue! which means it's open! it's about 2.10 euros per scoop, not exactly the cheapest and biggest scoop of ice cream around, but since it's so famous we decided to take 2 scoops each.

le berthillon menu

fang took coconut and strawberry flavours, while i chose the pear and chocolate-orange ones.

they sold their ice creams in small square tins, abit like our mobile ice cream ah pek

the strawberry sorbet was normal, tasting almost the same as venezia ice cream's. my chocolate with orange bits was unique but a bit too exotic for my taste buds. the chocolate was too sweet and biting into the orange bits gave a bitter taste which i didn't fancy. for acquired tastebuds i guess.

happy yi fang

that said, the coconut flavour was pretty delicious, with a very rich coconutty taste and also little bits of coconut shreds in it. however, the flavour that blew me away was the pear. i never knew pears could be made into ice creams, and boy should it have been invented eons ago! it was extremely refreshing and addictive and a definite must try should you ever bump into a store selling berthillon's ice cream.
camel eating ice cream
29-31 rue saint Louis en l'ile
75004 Paris


Mike said...


doesn't look like you've been to maastricht for an exchange. it looks like you've been around Europe for a 3 month cultural-immersion-cum-holiday.

Haha. Can i join you in 14 days' time? Please?

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