Friday, December 28, 2007

what's for christmas?

last year, i made little cups of tiramisu for christmas. i made tiramisu on a couple of other occasions too, so i thought people around me would probably be sick of my tiramisu by now. i saw this recipe on baking bites and thought that it'd be pretty fun to make. after all, chocolate and peanut butter are like best friends on earth.

it turned out to be pretty fun, but extremely time consuming too. it took ages for the chocolate to melt, and when it did, it took ages to paint the cups with the outer coating of the chocolate.

told you i was feeding the multitudes

i decided to use half the amount of sugar stated in the recipe but my peanut butter still turned out to be a little too sweet for my liking. i'd probably not add the sugar next time unless i'm using dark chocolate with a high cocoa content.

the cups turned out not too bad, and it was quite a treat when the flavour of the peanut butter started mixing with the chocolate. i'd bought the semi-sweet chocolate block from phoon huat to make these, but i still think the chocolates were too sweet for my tastebuds, so if you like dark chocolate, splurge a little and get those 87% cocoa blocks from lindt or even valrhona chocolate! if you really do use valrhona, please remember to give me some of your chocolate cups. ;)

hmm, what can it be?

i put the cups into plastic bags before wrapping them in the serviettes which i had leftover from my birthday party. clean ones, mind you. add a christmasy clip and it's done! to those who have already ate some, it's not the best la huh but my lurveeeee is in those cups k. merry christmas!

click on the picture for the recipe

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