Wednesday, December 19, 2007


last saturday was mike's company's annual dinner & dance and i was kindly allowed to grace the occasion by being the photographer for the evening. the photos turned out to be less than satisfactory, but that's another story for another day.

upper club @ CHIJMES

usually event photographers run around the place in shirt and jeans at their most formal, but it was quite funny that i was shooting in "full glamour", with makeup, dress and heels on. luckily i decided to bring along my coat so that people won't have to see my armpits in full glory each time i raise my arms to take a shot.

any photo will look good in b&w
mike decided to sponsor a makeover at jean yip for the dinner since it's supposed to be a formal gala affair. after the nightmarish experience (the kind you wish to erase off from your memory) at jean yip for my jc grad night it took tons of persuasion for me to finally agree to go there again. fortunately the guy (yes, guy) who did my face and hair this time wasn't too bad at all. you'll only see me so dressed up once in two blue moons, so don't laugh ok.

the marketing manager and his photographer

us not in slippers for once

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