Sunday, December 9, 2007

carnivorous chew & cheong

last monday mike took leave to recuperate from his victorious standard chartered marathon, so we decided to head down to vivocity for lunch and a movie. after a pre-race carbo load, we decided to have a meaty lunch instead. so we had a slice of steak each..

small steak


instead, we had a protein overload at Carnivore. serving 9 varieties of chicken, pork, lamb, beef and fish, the goal for lunch was just whack-till-you-drop-or-puke. the Brazilian Churrascaria's not a new concept, with the one at Sixth Avenue being around since don't know when, but this was my first time trying it.

which part of this photo looks like "a slice" to you?

before entering the restaurant, i was briefed by captain mike that the strategy to eating at Carnivore was to beware of the booby trap (salad bar) and just set my sights on the targets (meat, meat, MEAT!). we were given a small tag each, with one side saying "Yes Please" and the other "No Thanks", so that the waiters will know when to serve you the various cuts of meat stuck on life threatening skewers.

"ow my eye! my eye!"

first, a bacon wrapped chicken chunk came, and before i could finish it, the head chef came by with lamb. about 0.005 seconds later he magically appeared again with buttered dory fish and walked off with a smile. by this time my plate had fish, chicken and lamb all either half eaten or a quarter through. suddenly, from the corner of my eye, i spotted an ominous shadow approaching. 5 minutes later, our plates had fish, chicken, lamb, beef, pork, and sausages.

"please, eat my meat or i will be sad."

with each bite i took, a new slab of meat fell onto my plate. so i quickly flipped my tag to show the bright red "No Thanks" portion and felt safe from the skewers. lo and behold, mr magical chef popped out of nowhere, totally ignoring the tags, smiled and said, "some pork for you madam? it's very nice i took 6 hours just to roast it". tell me, would you even be heartless enough to say no?

delicious steak, and you can have as much as you like.

action aside, i must say some of the meat were good enough to be served alone for people to pay a premium for it. i especially liked the lamb, which was very well handled and seasoned such that every mouthful was absolutely fragrant less the funny smell lambs usually have. the buttered dory was also done perfectly - very fresh, very soft and very yummy! couldn't say the same for the pork though, for both cuts that i had were somewhat too tough and i couldn't chew on them at all.

the service staff were excellent, well trained and friendly. the chef was warm, gladly smiling for my kanon and definitely ensuring that we don't leave the restaurant without a burst button. however, at $25 each during lunch, i think Carnivore's only worth the money for guys (99% of the customers during lunch time were males) because i think i fainted at like the 4th slice of meat. and you're talking about me ok, not some skinny hag.

i swear the people there are up to no good. they must belong to the MEFA - make-everyone-fat-association.

enter at your own risk!


Mike said...

Mmm.. The one at 6th avenue is not the same branch as Vivocity and CHIJMES?

I went to the 6th ave one with Aaron, Selena and Anushia. Maybe different management but definitely same association - MEFA!!

chian lin said...

you sneaky fella! blogger sucks i took the whole evening trying to upload photos keep giving me error message. now that i'm done i'm going to watch naruto. byeeeee

Mike said...

You got to shrink your photos first! Your raw photos (probably 300dpi) are too large. It is still possible to load them, but it will take ages.

Don't blame the tools. Blame the carpenter.