Tuesday, December 11, 2007

put your best shoes on.

only 38 minutes passed, a long way till the finish line.

two sundays ago, about 40,000 not very sane people woke up at around 4am, dressed in their best sports attire and congregated at the esplanade link for the annual Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. i, being the ever enthusiastic sportsperson, was of course present too - to run around taking photos (hehehe!) and more importantly to support mike in his first half marathon in a long time. if you are my friend you'd probably know how passionate i am about running as an "enjoyable" activity.

being the tech-idiot that i am, i realised that i only have 90% of my photo memory left on blogger because i didn't shrink the photographs in my previous posts. how?!?!? snaps and bites may have to close shop like that man. for now, i've posted some photos taken that day on facebook. click on the link below and feel free to tag any comment!


xiang said...

Hey! If you have Microsoft Office Picture Viewer you can switch to multiple shot view and select everything, then edit photos and resize everything at one shot. =)

(ps. Saw the photos of the marathon, you're doing amazing things with that dslr of yours!)

chian lin said...

thanks xiang! i shall go check ure tip out. =)