Monday, February 9, 2009

fcuking tired. good night world.

a man grinding his crotch against a woman's ass and a woman actually letting him do that, then calling it a social activity, just doesn't cut it for me. everyone's entitled to his own opinion, so here's mine.


Anonymous said...

Society has its own threshold in accepting what is 'normal behaviour'. Different people have different tolerence levels, which may even differ from society's.

The opinion is yours and yours alone. What makes your opinion worthwhile is whether it is carefully scrutinised, or just a biased thought fuelled by emotions.

While there are some crowds who even engage in the practise of exchanging oral fluids on the dance floor, i believe that there are a majority of people who simply choose to indulge in gyrating their posterior and consumption of alcohol with minimal physical contact. The latter crowd may still experience "fun".


chian said...

i believe my opinion is not one of "biased thought fuelled by emotions".

placing oneself in a position which may or may not lead to an "accidental" situation is a consequence the individual should consider in the first place.

a self respecting individual wouldn't consider placing himself in a situation where his actions may be compromised, only to account a momentary crossing of the line as due to "having a drop too much".

i believe it takes wisdom to recognise the real meaning of "fun".

but you're right, the opinion is mine and mine alone. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Sure, i understand your standpoint on the issue. I would then say that it depends on whether a person has enough self-control to carry out his/her claims that he/she will not cross the line.

Like our opinions, each and everybody has their own code of conduct, ethics and lifestyle they can choose to follow.

But the good thing about those under Grace is that where sin abounds, Grace much more abounds. I personally believe that even if one tries to 'cheat Grace' there will come a time when there will be inward transformation.

Perhaps you have reached a point in life that you have found the true meaning of "fun". But there are still many lost sheep that have not. And not many have that wisdom to know. But one thing is for sure, they/we all yearn for inner fulfilment and happiness.

chian said...

the heart may be good, but the flesh is weak. if self-control works then people wouldn't cheat on their partners. banking on self control is equivalent to trusting man's own ability. i believe the best way is to not even place oneself in a compromising situation that may lead to undesirable consequences, whilst falsely believing that one's got enough self control to not cross his/her own ethical or moral line. an example would be how my pastor is strict on not allowing male care group leaders to send females home alone.

i agree too, that Grace is the way to an inward transformation. however, an inward transformation counts for nothing if it does not translate to practical wisdom - one's outward actions.

thanks for your lively discussion mr anonymous, though you sound oddly familiar. ;)

Anonymous said...

True, Ms. Chian. Especially for your church, or in any organization and society for that matter - there must be strict protocols for its members to follow if not, all will collapse with disorder.

That is for society, but if you are specifically talking about an individual, then i personally believe that while rules and regulations do help, an individual is less likely to subject himself/herself to that, as compared to a group.

But what i would say is the best scenario would be that he/she does not want or need to be in that situation. If a person is considering if he/she should want to subject himself/herself to that situation, doesn't that simply means he/she has already considered the consequences?

I'm not justifying 'cheating' or 'adultery'.

So what i feel is that while practical wisdom is the key to prevention, inward transformation is what will dictate one's outward action.

Who needs to have an affair when he/she is perfectly contented?

You are most welcome Ms. Chian, it was a pleasure to discuss this with you. I may sound oddly familiar, but since i am anonymous, you probably cannot tell who i am.

And i'm not telling ewe.

chian said...

contrary to your belief that an individual is less likely to subject oneself to rules and regulations, i believe that individuals do in fact have their own so called "rules and regulations", otherwise known as principles.

based on their personal principles, my pastor and his wife actually agreed to not have anyone of the opposite sex on their own facebook account. this example might be a little extreme, but i hope you get the idea i was bringing across on not placing oneself in a possible compromising situation.

i do agree that inward transformation will dictate the outward actions, which was also what i said in my previous comment.

however, i'm afraid you have lost me at the part on "who needs to have an affair when he/she is perfectly contented." you seem to have gone on a slippery slope by justifying that unless one is perfectly contented, it's excusable to have an affair.
furthermore, looking at the near impossibility of finding a person who can be perfectly contented, it almost sounds like a home run to justify cheating. i'm afraid you're alone on this.

Anonymous said...

Again, you are true in expanding what i meant that individuals are less likely to adhere to a group's "rules and regulations", they do have their principles. Or for some, more lacking than others.

So let's call 'rules and regulations' the benchmark for society and 'principles' the benchmark for individuals.

I must say that your pastor and his wife has set an extremely high standard for their own facebook account. But then again, bearing in mind that they are spiritual leaders, i applaud them for that effort.

I'm glad you agree about the inward transformation part.

However, we obviously disagree on the part where being contented will not lead one to having an affair.

Perhaps i should be more specific. An example i have in mind, is based on a few friends i personally know.

Having been perfectly contented and happy in love (note: not just they honeymoon period, but also contented at ironing out issues between partners), one cannot 'naturally' put himself/herself in precarious positions that subject the person to be tempted. Simply because these temptations have no effect on him or her.

I'm sure you will agree on me on this - that if a girl is perfectly contented and happy in the love she is recieving from her partner, does she find herself in postions that she may be tempted? I very much doubt so because all her thoughts and emotions are all focused to her partner.

But let me also state that, due to my personal beliefs, i do not believe a person SHOULD look at true happiness in another mortal.

Which coming back to your disagreement about a person being fully contented, i again strongly believe that with God, He provides all things. And we can be fully contented in Him.