Monday, September 1, 2008


no sub-60 but happy nonetheless considering the crowd and slopes. p.s. check out ex-hwa chongian mok ying ren in 3rd place!

finally completed my first ever 10km run! a big thanks to mike who accompanied me and ran beside me even though he could have zoomed off into the sea of red. the nike singapore organisers must have had a earful because the run wasn't very well planned at all. the routes weren't exactly scenic, it was so crowded that there were human jams, all i smelled most of the way was the other 11,000 people's sweat in the air and people were brushing past me every second. being extremely sensitive to my private space (you know those kind where i'd get annoyed if people stood too close to me on the train), it wasn't the most pleasant of runs for me. there were also many up and down slopes which really killed my thighs and they're aching like hell today. thank god mike was there to encourage me and yes i finally ran a corporate race!


Mike said...

Well, Nike should really buck up and do a better race next time.

You should try the stan chart run! Woohoo!

chian said...

i think i would do another 10km next time and better my timing!