Thursday, September 4, 2008

private access only.

i got bored with always running in circles around my house, so i asked my father to build me a road. it's got to be extremely straight, with marked lanes (in case i want to organise races), and a great view. how sweet of him to have obliged!

my papa's road

i went for a test run today with mummy and boy must i say i'm extremely satisfied with it. there's even a gently sloping bridge with great views of one of the rare rivers and forest left in singapore.

mummy testing the freshly laid tracks

the best part is, it's linked from my house all the way to jalan kayu. running straight down to roti prata heaven!

big bird in motion

see, told you i'm delirious with my new road. too bad my dad says i gotta share it with the rest of singapore soon. =/

p.s. did i mention that the view of the sunset along the road is absolutely stunning? it's like forrest gump running towards heaven. love love love it! =)


Mike said...

Haha, big bird on runway, trying to take off...

chian said...

ah shhhhhaaadap la. who you calling BIG?!?! as long as big in all the right places hehehe..