Wednesday, September 3, 2008

life story.

the thing about life is that you'll never know what will be thrown in your face. it could be lollypops one moment and lemons the next. just when you think you're being thrown the worst shit ever, you take a look around and realise that everyone around you is handling their own too, in one way or another.

but the thing about His promise is that not all things may be good, but it will definitely work out for good.

we keep moving forward, and on some days we move a few steps back, but every moment is an experience in itself. at the end of each step, we learn and we grow - stronger and wiser.

even heroes have their bad days too.

you'll just have to pick yourself up, dust the dirt off your ass, give a megawatt smile and embrace the rest that life has to offer. after all, it's mostly good stuff isn't it? =)

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