Sunday, August 17, 2008

what's your recurring word?

remember those teacher's comments on your report card in primary school describing your personality and behaviour in class? i got the word "bubbly" most often, maybe because i was literally round and bouncy with red apple cheeks. but i liked that word, because it meant i was like little miss sunshine, exuding warmth and happiness wherever i went. as we grow older, and childhood innocence gives way to mannerisms of the world, we gradually lose the skip in our steps, the sparkle in our eyes and the genuine joy in our smiles. some people lose them more than others, becoming weary adults dragging their feet through life. some people hold on to parts of it, refusing to let the world snatch away these precious diamonds. it's a gradual process, growing up - so gradual that before we even realise, the skip is gone, the sparkle is lost and the smile so forced. so every now and then, it helps to take a look back at where you came from, and try to keep that piece of sunshine which was you. i want to be bubbly granny chian years down the road!

the outburst of tuesdays-with-morrie.ish-philosophy aside, school's finally starting tomorrow. i've been away, i've been back, i've had a 2 month break, i've worked and rested. 9 long months of being away from school, oh how i wished it could be longer! i'd take a maastricht term anytime! but life goes on, so full steam ahead for my last year in smoo! charrrrrrrrge!!!

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Mike said...

But the world is not innocent, and sometimes, it forces you to grow up. Some experiences need maturity and seasoned-thinking, perhaps even God's wisdom, to make the right choices - to be strong and do what is right.

I would really like to go back to the days when life was innocent - when life is simple and not complicated.

So is it possible to remain sheltered?