Wednesday, August 13, 2008

screaming my lungs out.

coolest geeks in action

just came back from the esplanade oh my gawdddd death cab for cutie was awesome!!! i was jumping and screaming like a teenager all over again and it was fantastic to finally be able to watch them perform live. amazing. everyone stood up the moment they came on stage and started a mass photo/video-taking even though it was prohibited to do so. nobody cared! it was like a semi-rock concert in the atas esplanade.. kinda weird, but it fitted the death cab aura perfectly. =)


Mike said...

Best concert ever. I wonder if we'll ever go to another better one.

I hope so!

Cos i cant wipe out the memory of you jumping and screaming and bouncing and jumping and cheering and screaming and bouncing and..

chian said...

heh.. bouncing? i don't bounce.. only tiggers bounce!

the wonderful thing about tiggers..