Monday, March 31, 2008

officially london-ed.

london was the one place that i was really looking forward to visit during my exchange, and it definitely didn't disappoint! after being immersed in all things dutch for almost 2 months now, i was on a practical high when my ryanair plane landed in stansted airport. everything was in english!

fish for sale at borough market

i was reading every single word on the signboards and advertisements i walked past and was grinning like a big fat idiot. in netherlands when the dutch speak it becomes a habit to block off people's conversations because you don't understand what they're talking about. but as i was walking along the arrival halls i took a double take when i heard familiar words, only to realise that yes i'm in london and in london people speak ENGLISH! not to mention the right wheel drive just like singapore, even the highways look like those back home.

ms hwa chong night

cheuk ka and her boyfriend, ronald, were my lovely hosts for the 5 days i was there, bringing me around (even though it wasn't cheap to do so) and also letting me put up at their place. i had a wonderful time catching up with them. =) thanks to the both of them, i finally satisfied my cravings for chinese food at london's chinatown with superb hong kong duck and dim sum. yums!

no worries, i don't eat swans

it being my first time in london, i did all the touristy stuff like visit the two bridges, big ben, buckingham palace and hyde park. i also visited the three famous museums, of which my favourites were the science museum (nothing like the one in singapore, i promise) and the victoria & albert museum. if i could i'd go back one day just to look through the exhibits a little more thoroughly.

a captured moment in front of the tower bridge

i spent a day or two travelling around on my own and it's really easy to get around london with the tube system, similar to our mrt. there's so much to do in london even 5 days was a tad rush. the people i've met were really nice and friendly, and it's just the whole english culture that makes london absolutely endearing. just think street names like earl's court, leicester square, wimbledon and chelsea!

a well fed squirrel is a photogenic squirrel

let's just let the pictures do the talking, shall we? =)

england... ah!!

click here for my favourite shots of london.
click here for more of london.


Mike said...

Wow! I saw your photos!

Nice 'people' shots. And there were spring blossoms?!

Wa.. i wanna go london. Will u go with me?

chian said...

anytime. =))))