Tuesday, March 4, 2008

the damage is done.

last friday, a group of poor singaporean students went to visit roermond, a town 40mins away from maastricht. after travelling far and wide and walking through streets and alleys, they finally arrived at a village within the town itself. this is by no means an ordinary village, for legend has it that anyone, rich or poor, who enters that village, will come out of it poorer than before.

these 6 poor (but brave) singaporeans stepped into the village and never turned back. true indeed, at the end of 5 gruelling hours, all of them walked out exhausted and even poorer than before but extremely happy.

the name of the village? Roermond Designer Outlet Village. *cue thunder and lightning*

damage done to the wallets? a combined of a few hundred euros. individual expenditures have been intentionally hidden to protect the reputations of the characters.

some examples of the monstrous discounts found:

nike bag found in discount bin - 10 euros!

fred parry jacket - usual price 115 euros, bought for 35 euros!

nike watch - usual price 99 euros, bought for 44 euros!

somebody stop us please!!!


lee said...

so when exactly are we headed to the maasmechelen village again?

chian said...

hahaha yes soon when my wallet is well rested! it's still recuperating. =)