Sunday, January 20, 2008


beginning this week, my school is holding its annual arts festival with this year's titled, smu arts festival: it's plain nonsense! i volunteered as part of the school's photography club to take photos of the installations created by external artists for catalouging purposes. it was supposed to be a learning thing but somehow i ended up with 4 guys brandishing lenses and tripods all ready for battle. so i was the only kuku there who hasn't even learnt the difference between aperture and shutter speed, meekly holding kanon and praying for the best. it turned out well in the end with the mini lessons and advice they gave, so at least i went home more knowlegeable than before! some of the works are really quite interesting so if you have some time head down to smu to take a look! =)

click on me for more photos

click on me for more information on smu arts fest

p.s. hcanoeists, zhi ying's one of the only 2 artists from smu who has an individual art installation!
p.p.s. smooers, yao hong's the other of the 2! support him!

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