Wednesday, January 9, 2008

my favourite bak chor mee.

every time we drive along serangoon road, my mum will comment about the never ending queue at the famous punggol nasi lemak stall. i personally think it's overpriced and just about alright only. instead, it's the stall opposite that is often overshadowed by mr nasi lemak's popularity, which i really love.

now you see it

amk house of teochew noodles is a winner in itself, with quite a number of awards proudly displayed on the signboard, yet it seems more people favour mr nasi lemak than mr bak chor mee. i used to come here with the guys for supper or during late dinners with the family.

i love the bak chor mee here because the noodles are cooked to perfection - springy without the starchy aftertaste (mee kia for me). the chilli and vinegar combination is a killer, and i like to add some ketchup to my bowl of noodles too. unlike those served in commercialised food courts, this one has a very traditional taste to it. the ingredients, consisting of mushroom, minced meat, meatballs and liver are so basic that it looks deceivingly plain at first. however, the noodles, sauce and ingredients complement one another so well that a burst of flavour is guaranteed with every mouthful.

now you don't!

i couldn't help but let out a satisfactory sigh afterwards. in the east there's bedok 85's soupy bak chor mee which i also love (i love many things), but in the north-east there's the dry version to shout about!
amk house of teochew noodles
mee sek eating house
965 upper serangoon road


mart said...

i'll go out on a limb and say this prolly won't measure up to my toa payoh lorong 4 block 85 bak chor mee. but we'll find out soon - this weekend perhaps.

chian said...

haha ok let me know!!!