Wednesday, January 16, 2008

gong xi fa cai hong bao please.

happened to be in the selegie area with my parents a few weeks ago so we went to eat the famous tau huay (yumss), and we had to pass by the row of shophouses where five star chicken rice is. right beside it is a very small bakery with a passageway only enough for one to walk through.

my nose took in a whiff of buttery goodness as i walked pass and i had to stop to take a look. they've got lots of newspaper cuttings and apparently they sold really good soy beancurd tarts, something like egg tarts but made from soy beans. so i walked in to get some, only to be told that they've stopped production until after chinese new year. right then someone brought out a plate of pineapple tarts for sampling so i took one. oooo lala... fresh from the oven, the pastry literally melted in my mouth. i almost crumbled to the floor in delight. to cut the story short, we bought a box of pineapple tarts and some coffee cookies home.

the snoopys having a pineapple picnic

nothing beats the one i had fresh from the oven but those we brought home were really good too! they were huge i tell you - the size of golf balls, and packed with loads of the pineapple paste. so if you're one of those who likes the paste, this is PERFECT for you. i happen to be a pastry monster so i think the ones from bengawan solo fits me better.

once you start, you can't stop

my mum and i had to put each other on standby as quantity control when we eat the coffee cookies because once the cover's open, it's just non stop munching. they're really fresh and crunchy and has generous portions of almond flakes in them, which make the cookies absolutely delicious! if you get this for chinese new year i'm sure more people will visit you, then you can get more ang baos!!!! =)

they don't do orders this year so it's on a first come first serve basis, because apparently some uniquely singaporean tried to be funny last year and wanted to order one year in advance. thanks dude. @%^&^#$%#$


Mike said...

Oh, those were snoopys? I thought those were giant RATS having a pineapple tart picnic...

It is, after all.. the year of the rat.

chian said...

... ah shaaaadap la! suayamakalaosai.