Sunday, April 26, 2009

mixing art and chocolate... truly.

hi everyone! i've escaped to taiwan for the week and it's been a tremendously enjoyable week with my family. =) i'm exhausted and my eyes are barely open but i have to blog about this otherwise i won't sleep well. caught an episode of anthony bourdain's episode of no reservations in spain (yay!!!), with one visit to a chocolatier called enric rovira up north of barcelona (double yay!!!). his inspiration comes from anthony gaudi's famous architecture and design. seriously, no amount of literary description can justify how AMAZING rovira is. nothing short of a creative genius, you really have to watch this. enjoy!
catch especially from 3.30min onwards!


Mike said...

Oh my. The waiting process and the delicate's painstakingly magnificent. Truly admirable.

chian said...

yeah.. but who would even have imagined using the sun the create an artsy fartsy looking hole?!? amazing!