Thursday, March 19, 2009

a chuckle a day keeps the locter away.

my friend just sent me this link to a site called f*** my life, where people actually wrote in to describe what happened in their daily lives and others get to vote either "i agree, your life is f***ked" or "you deserved that one". it's a good perk-me-up when you're feeling bored from work or just need a good laugh. here's a few funny ones..

"Today, I decided to ask my friend to the school dance. It's one where the girls ask the guys. I spent hours placing signs down his street so he would see them on his way home. As I'm waiting in his driveway with balloons I see his car reverse and go the other direction. FML"

"Today, my parents said that they bought me a car. I had been begging for one for a year and they always said that I would have to pay for it myself. I got really excited and went to the garage to see my new ride. It was a Hot Wheels car with a note saying "save your money". FML"
click here for more chuckles! =)


Anonymous said...

Wa. I only have one word..


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