Monday, March 9, 2009

blogging when i don't have the time to.

8.30-12: tax planning quiz & class
12-3.30: accounting for info systems class
4-5: peer counselling duty
5.15-6.45: peer counselling class
nighttime: prepare enron case for strat class

12-3.30: ethics class
3.30-6.45: strategy class
7-8: spinning class
8-infinity: strategy meeting

8.30-12: tax planning makeup class
12.30-3: strategy meeting
3-5: sports marketing meeting
7-9: l'oreal recruitment talk

this.. ladies and gentlemen, is my schedule for the next three days, and has been for the past few weeks. i think my smu friends have almost the same thing in their planners. but... i will sail through it like Jesus walking on water because of His Grace, Strength and Favour. Amen. =)

maybe it's a good thing to be so busy, then i won't have time to think about other stuff.


Anonymous said...

haha. i can stop laughing at that little 'disclaimer' at the end of your post.

chian said...

what's so funny about it?

Anonymous said...

i might have an inkling about what the 'other stuff' is.

And also because it's true. I think it's cute. So that's why i think it's funny.

Bb. *green munster with mini-hanf waving*