Saturday, November 5, 2011

incredible india.

sugar cane stall indian style

it sucks you in, churns you around and turns you upside down before spitting you out. that's how i felt about my first trip to india. it was a short solo work trip of 3 days, and every single second was an adventure in itself. 

slums and poverty intermingling with luxury and wealth. waves upon waves of funky smells. beautiful yet derelict looking colonial buildings as a reminder of the british rule. being stared at by every single person who walks past. swarmed by a never ending sea of people. tuning out to the cacophony of car horns. 

the excitement and yet at the same time, fear of walking around alone - i never stopped walking and only paused for the slightest click of my camera.

i feel as if the country has won this time, leaving me a battered little soldier girl. which makes me even more determined to go back again to conquer the rest of the country.

this set of photos come unedited, as raw as the city is. enjoy!

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