Sunday, April 3, 2011

a week of His crowned goodness!

such an awesome sunday! back to the waters paddling in a k2 for the first time in years, followed by a fantastic brunch at the plain with the canoe babes and fed my soul with a great sunday service. it's great to have a colleague, friend and fellow sister-in-christ all in one pretty package called ms. liew. =)

humpty dumpty and vegemite soldiers 
dippy eggs with vegemite on buttered toast sticks
(ermm.. we borrowed a marker and drew the eggs ourselves so please don't be disappointed when yours doesn't look this cool.) photo courtesy of shoe.

darling's eggs
poached eggs with ham, cheese, & roma tomatoes on sourdough toast
iced coffee with milk and honey
skinny cuppacino
photo courtesy of woon

chanced upon this funky french/finnish indie pop band called the do, and this must be one of the weirdest funky song and video, caught myself bobbing along to its bollywood-like tune!

slippery slope - the do

another of their song with a beautiful video:
dust it off - the do (live at aquarium de paris)

have a fantastic week ahead everyone! =)

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