Thursday, December 2, 2010

the best scone in my world.

i had drawn up a long list of cafes and restaurants to check out when i was in scotland, turned out i didn't even have the chance to try any! i spent the first day finding my bearings around edinburgh city and was on the road most of the time while in the highlands, eating only at random pit stops.

fortunately, the friendly hostel receptionist recommended a supposedly good cafe called the Edinburgh Larder right opposite where i stayed. feeling mildly depressed that my foodie escapade in edinburgh didn't quite turn out the way i wanted to, i swore to have breakfast at the cafe on my last morning there.

the edinburgh larder, stocked full of goodness

warm and cosy interiors of the cafe

and so i did. and had the.most.awesome.scone.ever.

freshly baked scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam

fresh out of the oven, it was warm and crusty on the outside, yet soft and fluffy on the inside. together with some jam and clotted cream, i felt like i'd just gone straight to heaven.

ok... granted i barely got to try the other scones around and didn't quite have a fair comparison, still it was the best i've ever eaten at least. it made those which i've tried in singapore taste really bad.

i spent nearly 2 hours in the cafe that morning, sitting alone by the window with my scone, tea and magazine in hand. it was one of the best experiences ever. guess what, thousands of miles away from home and i still managed to bump into 2 singaporean dudes on exchange! one of them also ordered the scone and he couldn't help but to exclaim that it was awesome too. so there you go, i swear i wasn't exaggerating.

this is how every morning should begin

i shall go to bed tonight dreaming of all the sandwiches, salads, soup, pasta, brownies, scones, cookies and muffins i could have tried in scotland, and wake up hungry for a perfect scone. =)

the edinburgh larder
15 blackfriars street

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