Thursday, March 25, 2010

restaurant week 2010: lunch at garibaldi italian resturant & bar

and so.. the much anticipated lunch date at garibaldi came and went. thanks to restaurant week, jols and i had the opportunity of dining at one of the top italian restaurants in singapore yesterday!

lunch menu

insalata di gamberi, avocado e aranicia
poached prawns salad with avocado & orange
tagliolini neri al granchio
homemade black in thin noodle with crab meat in vodka sauce
saltinbocca alla romana
veal "scaloppini" with parma ham, sage & marsala wine sauce
tiramisu all 'amaretto e scaglie di cioccolato
homemade tiramisu with amaretto flavor and shaved chocolate

the restaurant had a minimalistic design, with a bar area and a large wine cellar upon entering. the main dining area was further in, and the tables were spaced out far enough from one another such that there was sufficient privacy, yet you'd still be able to catch bits and pieces of the other tables' conversations. it might sound weird, but i really liked the toilet, which was very nicely done up with marble tiles and fresh hand towels by the basin.

the dishes were well executed, of which the veal with parma ham and tiramisu were winners. the bread served throughout the meal was the most perfectly warmed bread i've ever, ever had, and should be the benchmark for any excellent restaurant.

a portion of my noodles were clumped together, perhaps due to the production process of the noodles, so i had it sent back. the service staff took it back with no questions asked. he had a disturbed look on his face, obviously annoyed that i had been served food that was not up to their usual quality. a fresh batch of noodles came back the second time around, with a significantly larger portion, and our next course was personally served by the manager of the restaurant. it was quite amusing to be given that much attention because i was obviously too happy to be bothered by that little glitch in the meal.

food wise, the dishes were definitely top quality and well executed, though i personally feel that the "wow" factor seems to be somewhat missing in the meal.

nevertheless, the service at garibaldi's was absolutely excellent! the service staff were attentive but not intrusive, though they were a little slow in refilling our glasses once the lunch crowd came in. knowing that jols and i wanted to share both the mains, the service staff offered to divide them into two individual portions. they also enquired if we were doing alright throughout the courses, which was a nice touch to the already exceptional service provided.

on the overall, it was a fantastic experience being able to finally dine in one of the finest restaurants around. excellent food, service and setting, not to forget awesome company, it was one of the best lunches i've had in a long while.

can't wait for restaurant week 2011! =)

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