Sunday, February 7, 2010

farmers' market - a piece of europe in singapore.

a farmers' market is a common feature in europe, somewhat like our local pasar malam, where farmers will gather to sell their produce to the public. chef jane of the pantry at loewen gardens missed that little piece of home, and decided to organise a farmers' market on the first saturday of every month!
organic bread by the organic baker

absolutely devine orange cake by madz chef

when i was living in maastricht, i used to wake up early in the morning on days when the farmers' market was on, cycle to the city centre with a shopping bag and return with my loot of fresh fruits and vegetables. i still remember the comical scene where my friends and i would try to balance the heavy bags while cycling uphill. ahh.. these wonderful memories!

scones and desserts from the pantry

i was really excited upon hearing about this event and decided to forgo my precious sleep, wake up early and head down to loewen gardens with jolene. with no idea how a farmers' market in singapore will work out, we didn't really know what to expect.

olives etc. from olive grove, a supplier to hotel and restuarants

surprisingly, it was a lovely and cosy affair, with loads of imported and homemade food! it's not quite the scene where farmers sold their own produce, but i guess that's about as close as we can get in singapore.

salmon quiche from the pantry

sausage, scrambled eggs and toast from the pantry

jols and i had a lovely brunch at the pantry, and we both went home happy girls with peach cake, sicilian olives and hummus in our bags!

more details on the farmers' market on expat living.

the pantry, loewen gardens, 75 loewen road

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