Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a walk to remember.

you once had such a great fear of water getting into your ears, never dared to venture into the deep end and refused to do even a small leap into the pool. i saw how much you grew - stronger and braver, from saying "i can't" to "i'll try my best". a small victory each lesson brought you to where you are today! looking at you cruise through lap after lap just leaves me in awe, and i could hardly believe you are the same boy 3 years ago, so awkward and tense in the pool. today, i saw you overcome your biggest fear of swimming underwater to complete the test, and i am so proud of you!

all geared up for the bronze survival test!

you were a natural since day one, with near perfect strokes and an amazing ability to grasp the techniques even at such a young age. you're like a dolphin in the water! it was worrying to see you develop a slight phobia about the test, crying and stopping lessons midway the last few times, right up till today when you started tearing on the way to the pool. oh but what a brave young girl you are! not only did you not give up halfway through the test, you even completed it way faster than kids twice your size and age!

proud daddy taking a photo of little miss valiant

check out the height and size disparity =D

constant encouragement for his younger sister

ethan and rachel, you're my champions! =)

yay we did it!!!


Anonymous said...

a very nice post. =)

chian said...

thankew velly much.

Anonymous said...

you are welcome! makes me want to teach kids how to swim! so much satisfaction!